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Who Ya Gonna Call? Are You Prepared No Matter What Comes?

Updated: Mar 29, 2019

Dare to Be You!

3 Critical Questions Requiring Honest Answers & Purposeful, Intentional Actions:

Have I got - right now - proven:

1. Education, competencies, & on-the-job-know how essential for beating my competition in the job market & important to achieving my life's goals, or is there one, or more, of these holding me back?

If your answer is an honest, I've got this one covered, skip on to #2. Otherwise, let's face it, we're all really crazy busy. I don't know of anyone with extra time, money, resources on their hands, do you? I absolutely do know from experience, the job market is fiercely competitive. And the better the global economic environment, the more competitive for your dream job it will be.

When the economy is good, too, we often are so caught up in all we have to do, we push off getting that certificate / credential for expanding our options / assets. Or forego completing the degree that has been "in progress" for way too long. And, possibly not consider taking a lateral position in order to build competencies for what is "next" within your organization, or even to move to another one. You want to accomplish your life's goals, to reach your fullest potential, and to improve the quality of life for yourself and others. The bottom line, it's just hard to keep doing more. Life will happen personally, professionally a decision will be announced that can be devastating (or at least life-changing) for one unprepared with other options, or you may decide one day "this is just not the right fit for me" & want to explore your other options. Once it happens if we have not already prepared, the decision regarding our future may no longer be ours to make.

It isn't if something will happen to change our direction, it's when. Are you ready? Share your own experiences here.

2. Network of already established relationships & connections of those who count on me to be a partner for their success first, 100% of the time all in, nothing less than wholehearted living while I expect nothing in return (keyword expect zero)?

It's no secret that life isn't all about us. Rather, it's about what many describe as "leaning in" to get to know others, what they value & what their hearts' desires are. We need each other to accomplish our goals, those hearts' desires, & we cherish the connection & joy that can come from as a result of helping others to accomplish their goals along the way. Relationships are natural partnerships that are planted & nurtured, essential to getting "stuff" done through all aspects of life. An established network, in reality, can be described as our net worth.

A dear friend & colleague, Bruce Waller, shared within his blog recently a story of how dramatically his own life changed once his mindset evolved to looking outward, and serving others while expecting nothing in return. In fact, he calls it a game changer, and devotes a significant amount to this perspective in his incredible book, Find Your Lane. Here's the link to this recent blog in case you haven't seen it, or haven't yet met Bruce. His blog, A Relocation Minute With Bruce Waller, is definitely part of my own weekly reading: What is your net worth? Share your thoughts here.

3. Drive to succeed? We've just got to own this part, too. It requires first that we personally have a good idea around the definition of success for it is potentially different for each one of us, isn't it? Someone may believe success is having enough resources for providing a comfortable quality of life for those we love. Success could be described as living a balanced life. Success may include life dedicated to serving others within a political capacity of some sort, a church environment, or serving the family as a parent taking care of all things in the home. You get the idea.

According to Merriam Webster, success is "favorable or desired outcome." The first question is "what is that desired outcome for you? I say, too, what is it that makes your heart sing every single day?" From there, the drive to succeed, and whether we have it, gets a whole lot clearer, & much easier to answer.

Call to Action - take these 3 steps forward - today:

1. Deliberate - what is the visual of where you want to be vs. current level of competencies? Create a timeline with actionable steps to fill the voids. Got an accountability partner you can count on to be "all in"? 2. Inspire - where are the networks of impact & how can you make a contribution? Get more involved! 3. Go - take action today to fulfill your goals & to find future increased success! Need help, or someone to dream big with? Contact me!

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