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Happy Mother's Day....Covid-19 & ALL!

For so many of us, THIS is our first Virtual Mother's Day - EVER! Like you, I'm thinking, Mother's Day 2020 will be etched in my heart's memory for the rest of my life.

Yes, that's definitely true. BUT....what my heart is made up of are all the sweet cards I have received from my children throughout these many years! Their tiny hand drawings, unique picture colorings, laughter ringing so loudly all throughout our house, joy of breakfast in bed - one I didn't cook myself, & their many kisses from the sweetest chocolaty faces.

There have been lots of precious letters, movies shared, deep conversations often way over my head & the times they couldn't wait to sit by me to show proudly a recent treasure collected (typically from outside!).

If I have learned nothing else from sheltering in place, it is that every single moment shared is precious. Shared may never totally be unconditionally as we have experienced it to be for so very long, but as the authors, Heath & Heath, say in their book, The Power of Moments, precious moments are the ones we create, share, engage in every single day of our lives albeit professionally or personally speaking. These are the powerful moments / memories & can never be taken away from any of us no matter the enemy we may face at any given time.

We simply must create the moments rather than to wait for them to come to us.

Call To Action:

1. Find a new way to create / & share a moment with someone who may not even know they are important to you.

2. Pray for the protection of all those who are serving on the front lines against Covid-19.

3. Share 3 things you want to do first when we can venture out safely once more.

For me, these are 1. to hug my son, Clayton; 2. road trip to photograph bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country; & 3. to return to where the most amazing graduate students have been called, on University Hill, high atop the DBU Campus.

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