What’s the difference between these horrific events?


El Paso….



Our outrage & conviction to make needed changes resulting in accomplished change that will end mass shootings throughout this Homeland? No, nothing.

Our collective voices rising together to call out and to stand up against hateful rhetoric and actions? No, nothing.

Our insisting on accountability of our elected officials who are called to do the right thing every time, not just when it is convenient, politically expedient, or masked by “belief” the end can somehow justify the means. No, nothing.

Our digging deep within for the moral courage it takes to demonstrate love through including everyone rather than to gain individually (or gain of the few) through division putting tribes against each other? No, nothing.

We can all do more than nothing. The pain resulting from domestic terrorism was enough long ago. We are all better than this.

We must pray to be courageous and bold, and we must act to ensure only.....

The pain from mass shootings, domestic terrorism, is borne by all of us for generations.

Call To Action:

1. Call out acts that divide us, not unite us.

2. Be quick to listen, slow to speak.

3. Go beyond personal boundaries seeking out others you may not know, or not well, seeking first to understand, then to be understood.

4. Hold self, and others, to highest standard of accountability.

5. May we not settle for this to be the new normal. Instead, may we find ways to come together for real action, real change, & real solutions.

6. Vote.

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