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Too hot to go outside, & I went to my "least favorite things to do" list. Guess what I found there?

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

It is August. This is Deep in the Heart of Texas. And it sure is HOT!

Volunteering is life changing!

It being August, what a perfect time to impact your life & others with a Cleaning Out Closets activity!

Helping others feels so good! I've started a list of monthly volunteer activities that I am driven to do. Do you ever have that feeling? Something you want to do that makes you & others around you feel good?

In this case, I believe in the importance of donating clothing to places like Mission Arlington (definitely a favorite where SO MUCH GOOD happens every single day!); it makes what I put off doing a whole lot easier. I've found, too, knowing that it helps others allows me to be motivated through the project.

In weather like this, I actually discover something wonderful, I really don't mind the heat after all! Help someone in my closet? Sounds like a sure fire win to me!

What are some of your favorite volunteer activities? What are some of your least favorite activities?

Call To Action: Share with others your lists & let's start a movement to increase volunteer activities!

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