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The Great American Cover!

Dare to Be You!!

July 4th – a week of re-dedicated celebrations with those we love!

Thankful for…….

1. Our Forefathers & all those who fought to make us free from tyranny!

2. Allies & leaders like those in the United Kingdom and Germany who continue to stand with us when duty calls no matter what & with no questions asked! And…

3. United State Military & their families! They are selfless, fearless, & destined for greatness as they continue the most amazing legacy that has ever existed – that of Freedom For All! We owe so much more than we can ever repay!

Call To Action:

Be in prayer with me as we thank God for His love & oh, so many blessings! Initiate giant hugs with your loved ones! Greet with a welcoming smile & outstretched hand to assist those you call acquaintances!

B.I.G. = game changer!

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