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My 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule..visually speaking..

Living through history brings with it a responsibility to capture how it feels, what we're thinking, what we're learning, how we're growing, etc. In fact, I believe this is so important that I decided to make this an assignment for my MBA marketing students. Here are the 12 questions I've asked them to answer using their individual creativity of expression:

1. You Are Living Through History Right Now

· Photos

· Journal

· Family / pet images

· Special memories

· Social posts 2. Draw a picture of people from whom you are social distancing 3. How have you changed just during this pandemic? * physical * spiritual * intellectual 4. How you're feeling? 5. What have you learned most from this experience? 6. Most thankful for? 7. 3 things most excited to do when the pandemic is over? 8. Create a visual of where living during shelter in place? 9. Things doing to help feel connected / have fun? 10.How are you connecting with others? 11.You aren’t STUCK at home; you are SAFE at home. 12.How you're staying busy?

If I expect students to do this assignment, then I better be doing it, too. Hence, my collage of 20 images that represent my story answers to each of these 12 "questions." Below is my legend to help with the narrative associated to my respective illustrations.

Legend – left to right:

1. Blog is a way I stay connected, tell stories & provide leadership

2. My dress with dim light is how I feel alone sometimes, but also with positivism, strength, survivor instincts; stark reminder of my need to see & touch others even if only metaphorically. I always feel confident, generally peaceful, anxious sometimes, impatient (which is my biggest weakness throughout my life).

3. Social distancing from my dear friend & colleague

4. Social distancing from dear sisters in ADK Sorority

5. Social distancing from my amazing niece, Katherine

6. Gracie who smiles & makes me laugh

7. Flowers in my neighborhood I love to photograph. As soon as we can get out, I’ll be with my camera! Also, will do a road trip to shoot bluebonnets in the Texas Hill Country.

8. Posted on social…it was Trinity Park, a tiny duck, & me

9. Exercise to help me calm the stress, better able to deal with it in terms of people withdrawal, my life that is suddenly out of control

10.Counting my many blessings every day, all day. Such as to be called to a vocation, & place, that allows me to do His work; employment, my health, being worthy of love & connection for we are born to connect-it’s Biblical. Grateful for the strength of task orientation, fearlessness, general positivity, vulnerability to be in the respective arenas. Proud of myself for being able to keep up with all the swirling pieces of my life albeit with 15-hour days. Faithfulness.

11.Macro photography of flowers I love to do, this in my yard, however, I’ve let the busyness keep me from my mental sanctuary

12.I miss being on University Hill & ALL the students!

13.Me working 15-hour days since the beginning of the pandemic

14.Reminders in my cigar box of what is important; centers around my son whom I miss hugging beyond description

15.Beauty of the Spring blooms & God’s many provisions in all conditions

16.My house after I bought a printer & VariDeak at the beginning of the pandemic so I could be more efficient. Unfortunately, it’s all too heavy for me & I have to wait until a time of safety to get someone out to help me install everything.

17.Reminder of how I love to take photos behind the scenes at Will Rogers

18.I love the cattle & their relationships with those who take care of them

19.Social connection was me posting my senior in high school image to celebrate 2020 Seniors because a friend asked me to

20.I am able to read books I love which is not so much to stay busy as it is because I have to be learning. Also was selected to take a photography class dealing with light beginning 4/27 which I have wanted to do for 2+ years (it has always been closed; I was random selected from wait list).

When I look back on this time in history, I want to remember all the good that is happening all around us in, yes, unprecedented ways. There will be no doubt that I will want to remember all the many various ways we all have found to connect during these times of extreme social isolation & how I felt with people withdrawal. In every way, I vow to look back on the days subsequent to this tragic event & never, ever to take for granted those I love, the ones in my network, those I'm called to serve, & to always remember God is in control & He will make all things good if we remain faithful & get self out of the way.

I never want to forget all that I have learned about myself throughout this journey & the joy within it all. If I can dream, there will always be hope. And nothing is more important than connection.

What's in Your 2020 Covid-19 Time Capsule?

1. Growth? 2. Feeling?

3. First 3 things to do, post-Covid-19 shelter in place?

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