Looking Back on A Week of Wows! Connection-Courage-Relationships

Dare to Be You!!

This past week, I had the tremendous honor of traveling to study leadership with doctoral students & other faculty from DBU. The grid shared here is a quick snap shot of only some of the places we explored together.

There aren't enough words to describe my own thoughts and emotions experienced as we studied relevant leadership legacies pertaining to each of these places While I have been many times before, it is always a life-changing experience. Although the leaders we study may not change, the places visited either, the chemistry of the students is different & they always see things from an entirely new perspective often times expanding my own thinking way beyond where it has gone before. This mentorship thing? It's definitely a two-way direction to be the most meaningful.

As I loaded on my computer all the images captured to begin the culling & editing process, 3 words formed the theme for me. Those words are in my title: connection, courage, & relationships.

When thinking about leaders such as George & Martha Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr. & Coretta Scott King, Abraham & Mary Todd Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Benjamin Franklin, Franklin & Eleanor Roosevelt & so many others who were critical to survival efforts & part of the resistance movements during the Civil War & World War II (to mention only a few), it's really easy to understand how important the words connection, courage & relationships are in describing great leaders. The ones mentioned here all gave their lives & were driven by the passion they deeply held for the purpose of serving greater humanity - they individually deeply valued connection, were of tremendous courage & intentionally formed relationships around purpose.

My pictoral story doesn't end with the study of these amazing leaders & the places visited. The images reflect rich US history, yes, but when I look at them, they also include the connection, courage & relationships of all of us on the trip living completely in the present moments each day to share the experience.

We were joined at National Cathedral by our good friend, Robert Whitfield, who introduced us to our surroundings with great love & care as we worshipped together (image 6). Through another relationship we were given a special tour of the Capitol (image 5). Dr. Mike Williams, our very own US historian, presented a paper on George Washington's mental sanctuary while we visited the Smith Library (image 7). We had the amazing opportunity to hear from a survivor of the Holocaust while we visited that Museum (image 9). Dr. Williams set off the magnetometer at the Supreme Court having to be wand searched & adding a moment of displayed vulnerability & humor as we visited (image 10). Dr. Williams helped us put into context the Battle of Antietam, or Sharpsburg, fought on September 17, 1862, during which over 23,000 men fell as casualties on that one day (image 15). I was able to connect with MBA Alumnus, Stephen Boyd, who now works for a senator since graduating last year (image 20). Dr. Rau is US Navy Retired Major who is an Alumni of the PhD in Leadership Studies & the same program currently being studied by this group of visiting students, he graciously guided our tour of the Naval Academy along with Claire who is studying to be a Navy pilot (image 26). A very special treat for me was to attend the Evening Parade at the Marine Barracks (image 29).

All this to say, Looking Back on a Week of Wows! Connection, Courage & Relationships around us & within us.

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