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It takes a lotta work to be as gorgeous as me!

I love living in the old part of Fort Worth! It is especially a treat because I am not far from Will Rogers Coliseum where there is just almost always something going on. And today was no exception. There were multiple arenas whereby owners / handlers were showing their sheep, cows, & bulls, etc., hoping their hard work would pay off in judges bestowing top awards on them. Top awards will pay off in higher sales prices for their livestock, but it's so much more than money for these entrants. There is incredible love and pride with every one in what are literally members of their respective families. By the time they reach the showing and judging stages the investment of resources by everyone involved has been huge & love runs deep from all directions.

The behind the scenes moments are beautiful, inspiring, often emotional, & always life-like to me. This animal had just received oral medicine, someone else had just finished brushing him & a third person was preparing his food. I was just someone he wanted to study; he was seriously curious as to my role of image making in his well-established world of routine. I was absorbed with my thoughts about all the activities, all the resources, etc. that it takes to actually show up with an A game in the arena (any arena). It's easy to just focus on the performance.

I left that barn & continued to the next one with great anticipation. As I moved to the outside area, I saw a man who was sheering, brushing, grooming the most gorgeous sheep! Really extraordinary animal. With him was his son who was obviously going to be the one in the arena in a few short moments. Every hair was in place, clothes were starched & ironed, along with a really fine looking pair of cowboy boots. Although his daddy never stopped to look at me, he let me know his son, who worked incredibly hard, was the real power behind their brand. There was an additional person who was there to assist getting the final work done, but no one had the time to engage in conversation because they were definitely focused on the goal of winning. I did ask if I could take a picture? NO. He let me know they are a business & my intrusion would not be acceptable if it included taking any kind of pictures. He thanked me for asking as most people don't. Note to self, be sensitive to others.

Continuing my journey in the next barn, I came upon lots of nice people & beautiful animals. This young man is quite focused on final grooming needs for his animal & was very aware the clock was rapidly ticking & soon it would be the long awaited "show time."

I just couldn't help but notice the place with all its light & equipment, etc., the people gathered around, & the preparations all taking place behind the scenes. This is the same for all of us no matter what we're trying to accomplish, isn't it? Nothing gets done without preparation, without resources & least of all, without connection.

Call To Action - Consider with a Loved One / Friend / Colleague:

1. What are your goals, what you are most wanting to accomplish? Rank in terms of priority.

2. How are you prepared for success in accomplishing the goal? What other preparation is needed?

3. Are your resources adequate, or is there work to be done?

4. Do you have deep connection? Where do you fall short?

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