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Happy International Women's Day! YOU inspire me every day!

I want to thank all the amazing women who have blessed me with their friendship throughout my 20+ years at Dallas Baptist University! They inspire me, fire me up with the passion, to do what I have been blessed to do each & every day on University Hill! Here are just 4 of the many!

These extraordinary women come literally from all over the world. They overcome many obstacles & hurdles along their journeys, yet they stay driven for excellence, focused on purpose, & intent on making the world a better place. It is just what they do, who they are.

There are many ages, many in various life stages & all share a joyous spirit for living. They are smart, fearless, tireless, persistent, & full of incredible grace & grit. Who wouldn't be inspired to continue to learn, grow, develop & to stretch the boundaries? I sure am & I admit to having to run to stay up with them!

They are all leaders of the future, each in their own right. No longer will anything be off-limits, nor impossible to achieve; they will not settle for anything less.

So Happy International Women's Day! There is just NO better time to be alive as great things are on your horizons! I just can't wait!

Call To Action:

1. Tell the women in your life how they inspire you! And share it with others, yes, publicly!

2. Look for opportunities to impact / encourage women in your workplace; inspire others to do the same.

3. Get a dialogue going within your network!

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