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Good Friends & Accountability? Full Potential Essentials! It's a Texas 3-Step!

Updated: Apr 23, 2019

Dare to Be You!

Don't know about you, but when I have a big goal that I am passionate about accomplishing, really driven to do it, I find myself doing these 3 things...

My form of a Texas 3-Step:

1. Writing the goal(s) down with all the steps to take & resources needed to make it happen successfully - does it stretch me to reach new places, or simply maintain my comfort levels - am I dreaming big of a potential much bigger than self or settling in;

2. Comparing that goal to what I believe is important to accomplishing within my life's goals - does this goal take me closer to, or farther away from, what I want to accomplish overall in my unique lifetime;

When I can say yes to both 1 & 2, then I move on to #3:

3. Telling a trusted friend about what I want to accomplish & asking for their partnership to hold me accountable every step along the way. Not just any friend, but someone who knows me well, we share deep mutual respect for one another, & one who signs up to rumble with me to say what I need to hear as I stray. It's got to be a good friend who I always want to listen to - not telling me what to do, or what I want to hear, more expanding my thinking to include what they will know to be relevant uniquely to me.

I believe this is the most important step of all, articulating our goals with a good friend who has signed up to be our accountability partner & who will uniquely challenge us so that maximizing our full potential becomes the new reality! Don't forget to dream really big!

Call to Action: What is your Texas 3-Step? Share & let's get some dialogue going!

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