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Following, even with the training wheels, can be VERY scary & empowering all at the same time!

What does it take to just let go?

Most everyone reading my blog post will likely remember how they felt when in the same position as this child, right?

I see a loving Dad trying to trust the new skills of his young loved one, looking straight ahead with plenty of outside confidence, but not very far ahead in order to cover the "just in case"parts should they arise. Just in case. He's picked an early morning when he knows there won't be much traffic anywhere around, & it's August in Texas, so not much chance of needed albeit surprising rainfall. The neighborhood appears to be familiar to them, & the setting just right for this new skill building. As I prepared to take the picture, I heard him call back to ask, in a very calm & confidence building voice, "how ya doin' back there?" A voice that said, I know you can do it & I'm so glad we're here together!

Almost as if to answer "I CAN do this!" I watched as this child's look changed from worry to that of a sweet determination. The tiny legs appeared to go from wobbly to a whole lot stronger & the back changed almost immediately to that of a real bicycle pro! It was very special to watch as a huge smile replaced what had been a look of fear with one of confidence & empowerment, a confidence growing with every turn of their wheels. I saw a child totally trusting that he was not alone & one who was just pretty excited to be getting "bigger" because of these new found skills. Skills learned from someone he loved, respected & deeply trusted.

As I studied the image, I realized this relationship felt a lot like that of a mentor / mentee, a small circle of friends (real friends), & / or sometimes that of a boss / subordinate relationship. We're all teachers & we're all learners, aren't we? Throughout life. We need help with things that may be "scary" to us, & it is empowering to find that we are growing & developing in areas we believe to be important. It is often equally empowering, however, to be the one doing the helping. We all try to find just the right moment to let go, regardless whether giving or receiving. Knowing that moment when it is time for the training wheels to come off is the critical part & maybe the hardest.

So what's important for both to have in such a successful learning & growing relationship?

Here's my take on it - the gotta haves:

1. Trust

2. Genuine drive to grow & develop

3. Common purpose

4. Respect

5. Humility

6. Teachable spirit

Call to Action:

1. Recall a "training wheels off" moment in your life & share with those in your circle how you knew "this" was just the right moment, start a dialogue!

2. Consider my list of "gotta haves" & send me your thoughts! What have I left off, or you recommend removing?

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