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Dare to Be You Interview Series - Candace Rohrer

Welcome to the Dare to Be You Interview Series! I really love this series because I get to put the spotlight on some of the people who inspire me to be daring through all aspects of my life every day, and to learn more about them in a deeper and much more meaningful way. This beautiful young woman is very special to me in more ways than I can count! I don't want to divulge the interview details yet, but when I think of Candace, here are just a few of the words that bring powerful images to my mind...symbols of strong moral character I've seen grow & deepen over the last 3 years since I first met her : 1. Fearlessness

2. Grit

3. Goal motivated & activated

4. Loving & compassionate

5. Selfless leader

I'm especially honored to spotlight Candace Rohrer in this particular blog because while she is my student at this very moment as I write, that status will change with her Graduation Day, Friday, December 20th 2019 high atop the extraordinarily beautiful Holy Hill that is the Dallas Baptist University Campus! Yes, soon to be DBU MSKN Alumnus, Patriot, & forever part of the DBU family, Candace has also secured her own unique special space way down within my heart, deeply connected & with joyful anticipation of what The Lord has planned as we go forward into our next part of life's journey. To say I'm proud of Candace is a huge understatement!

Meet Candace Rohrer!

Where are you now and what is your title?

- I work with an amazing team of people who have been called to serve at Howard Payne University! I have the huge honor to be the Admission Events and Visit Coordinator. My husband, Jacob, and I came here in April with the new President, Dr. Cory Hines!

We would love to hear about your journey as you prepare to graduate this coming week!

- I graduated from The University of Texas at Arlington in Fall 2017 with a B.S. in Exercise Sport Sciences. I love school so much and knew that my time as a student wasn’t close to being done just yet. The Lord called me to pursue the M.S. in Kinesiology starting in Spring of 2018. I have enjoyed the Christ-centered education here at DBU. It has truly helped me to pursue Him in all things – whether that be in my day-to-day life or learning about the theories in athletic coaching.

Share with us how you personally develop your competencies, always focused on improving overall every day.

- Well, if I am being completely honest… I am an Enneagram Type 1 which means what I see and do every day automatically drives me to think of how I can do ‘xyz’ better next time. Something I have to focus on at the end of the day is to list three things I have done well that day. It helps my inner critic, keeps me growing, & provides the self-measurement benchmark I need to ensure I'm working toward filling the gaps versus the desired reality of the person overall I strive to be.

What advice would you give yourself if this were, say, three years ago?

- The biggest advice I would give myself is to be still & pray more. Pray more to me means that no matter the decision, no matter how large or small, you pray for The Lord to guide your steps. I used to make decisions so fast and without thinking, but I have really learned to slow down, pray, and listen to all that God has in store for me. What a difference when I listen & get my own wants out of His way!

I can hear “gratitude” in your words. For what are you most grateful?

- I am so beyond thankful for my husband, Jacob, for always encouraging me to finish strong when the semesters got tough. But I would have never gone to college in the first place if it weren’t for my parents. My parents saw something in me that I never could. Going to a large high school, I wasn’t the smartest or the most athletic so I just kind of faded into the background. I was told by a guidance counselor to consider other options after high school because college wasn’t for me. However, my parents continued to encourage me to try anyway and that college is full of new beginnings. Here I am today, about to walk the stage with my master’s degree in 1 week! Without my parents encouraging me & their incredibly loving support, I would not be here today!

We all need mental sanctuaries. Tell us about your mental sanctuary and the role it plays in your life.

- My mental sanctuary is during my morning quiet time and in the mornings when I am getting ready for the day. I turn on live worship music and it helps set my tone for anything & everything that comes my way – to praise His name in all things. My other mental sanctuary is when I exercise. There is nothing better than clearing your mind after a busy day with some sort of workout routine.

Tell us about something priceless from your background that makes you right for your current “there.”

- I never have seen myself working at a University, much less doing large events for one! Growing up I have always been known to be the girl with a large checklist with every detail in place. I would have a note pad for what I was planning to wear down to what I was going to do to my hair, and what I would pack for lunch. That kind of thinking ahead has always been a part of my life, and it has definitely helped me in this job I am in currently because so much detail goes into each event and visit. Who could dream something like perfecting the use of a checklist, the habit of a child, would be a critical success factor for someone serving others, most often behind the scenes?

What two words describe the values you are driven to live by and give us an example for each of the values?

- Courage and kindness are the two words that I am driven to live by. Courage to do the right thing every time, even when it is scary and not the popular thing to do. Kindness to everyone I come into contact with, because people can’t see Jesus if they aren’t being treated how Jesus would treat them.

What does selflessness mean to you, and what role does it play in your work?

- Selflessness to me in my day-to-day job is catering to the needs of every guest who comes on Campus. Each guest has something unique to them in how they need to be served. Whether that’s a language barrier, food allergy, being handicapped, etc. I try to meet the needs of the people where they are. There isn’t a one size fits all approach to visitors. Going out of your way to serve the guests also doesn’t go unseen, it helps with their overall experience and makes it an experience they don’t forget!

What strategies do you use to dare to be you – to show up and let yourself be genuinely seen, all in, always choosing to do the right thing? Got an example of when it was really hard?

- One of the gifts that the Lord has blessed me with is a passion for honesty, truth, fairness, and justice. This makes doing the "right thing" (even if it negatively affects me) come more naturally to me than it might to others. Now, of course, there are times when I am tempted to do what is best for me rather than for the Kingdom of God or my organization, but the Lord has instilled such a fire for what is good and fair and true that He always leads me back to making the right decision. None of this is possible, though, without the Holy Spirit dwelling inside me, always prompting me to make the decision that honors the Lord. Without God's guidance and the wisdom He provides, I would probably make the choice that I thought was best, but that may not actually be the right thing.

Do you have a creed for living and loving with your whole heart?

- My favorite quote is from the poet, Maya Angelou. “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” This is a quote I remind myself of daily when I begin to get distracted by work and frustrated with others. I always want people to leave a conversation feeling loved and encouraged.

Thank you, Candace, for sharing your thoughts & this moment with us!

Congratulations, DBU MSKN Alumnus! We are all so very proud of you!

Call To Action:

1. Reach out to congratulate Candace on Facebook!

2. Share words of inspiration by contacting Candace at Howard Payne University, or text 325-400-3459.

3. Let me know if I got the "best" 5 words to describe this amazing, godly young woman listed at the top!

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